Run of Network Traffic
Written by Cynthia Santiago
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Looking for Run of Network (RON) traffic? OddBytes’ RON Keyword is the way to go! It is a special catch-all Keyword that allows your Creative(s) to participate in all bidding auctions, without needing to add all of the individual Keywords/URLs that you can think of. It is a great way to significantly increase volume to your Campaign(s) and to find new domains which work well for your offering.

The RON Keyword acts just like any other Keyword on our platform, however, there is an important distinction: because of the high volume potential, we strongly recommend you set your Max Bid at a conservative amount initially while testing for traffic levels and performance. If you want more volume, slowly start increasing the bid. Please keep in mind that there may be significant jumps in volume with each bid increase.

Because it is only one Keyword, performance optimizations are a bit different. Instead of pausing out the Keyword because it is underperforming, exclude underperforming referring domains on a Campaign or Creative level. For more information about how to view referring domains and set placement exclusions, please click here for the Main Report and here for the Placement Targeting Knowledge Base articles.

The RON keyword can be added through the API, interface, and import tools.

Ready to get started? Here’s our RON Keyword: ron_traffic_creative_test

Simply add it to your Keyword list and set a Max Bid. If you are unsure of how to add Keywords, please click here.

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