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Win Rate is the percentage of auctions "won" at the Campaign, Creative and Keyword levels for the date range selected. This metric helps an advertiser gain insight into the competitive landscape of the network, in addition to Keyword Ranks, to better understand current traffic levels and if changes should be made.

A high Win Rate can indicate:

  • Highly competitive Max Bids

  • Low advertiser competition for the traffic being targeted by the Campaign, Creative or Keyword level

A low Win Rate can indicate:

  • Low Max Bids

  • High advertiser competition for the traffic being targeted by the Campaign, Creative or Keyword level

Overall, a Keyword's Win Rate helps to communicate how competitive its Max Bid is. The higher the bid is compared to competition, the higher the win rate likely is, which will result in higher levels of traffic. The best way to impact a Win Rate is to increase Max Bid(s), to "beat out" all advertisers competing in the same auction.

How to See a Campaign, Creative or Keyword's Win Rate

To view the current Win Rate, navigate to the Manage Campaigns, Creatives or Keywords tab within your account. The metric has its own column within the grid. If it the column is not visible, add it to your view. It can also be found on the Main Report. The Win Rate will change based on the Date Range selected.

To view how many auctions your Campaign, Creative or Keyword was part of, simply hover over the Win Rate.

Why is my Win Rate High but my Traffic Remains Low?

Implementing settings that limit traffic even with extremely competitive bids, including low frequency caps, geotargeting or domain exclusions, can result in a higher win rate while keeping overall "targetable" inventory low. To increase traffic, re-evaluate the various settings being used which limit volume. If possible, consider the following:

  1. Increase frequency caps

  2. Remove placement targeting

  3. Remove geotargeting

  4. Open up day parting

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