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Spotlight Ad Unit
Written by Caitlin Hyer
Updated over a week ago

Spotlight Information

With Spotlight, reach users when they are likely the most engaged - post-purchase or post-conversion! It can be very effective in supporting your offer's goal(s) by targeting users who have buying power during high-value moments.

The Spotlight unit, which can include multiple Creatives within one impression, will serve on pages specific to the checkout or "thank you" experiences. Once served, the user can click through on your offer to be taken to your landing page, scroll to the next offer (as seen by the "dots"), or close the ad unit entirely.

This ad unit is priced on a CPC (Cost Per Click) model, starting at $1.00+ per click.

For instructions on how to set up a Spotlight Campaign, please click here.

Spotlight Variations


Includes Title, Description and CTA Buttons


Includes Image, Title, Description and CTA Buttons

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