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Creative Appearance Guidelines
Creative Appearance Guidelines
Written by Caitlin Hyer
Updated over a week ago


In efforts to provide the best ad experience possible to our user base, OddBytes does not allow Display, Lightbox and/or Push Ad Creatives to be of an unprofessional design. Please review and update your landing page, Lightbox and/or Push Ad to ensure all aspects of the Creative comply to be approved.



  • The landing page and/or Lightbox content must scale to fit ad unit, without too much 'open' space.

    • For reference, the Display unit is a New Tab (browser window size) and the Lightbox unit is 700x390.

  • The landing page and/or Lightbox cannot use a main background color which is shocking or alarming or makes it difficult for the content to be viewed (for example, bright yellow or red or dark background with black font).

  • The landing page and/or Lightbox must contain a clearly visible logo which matches the landing page domain.

  • If the landing page’s domain and logo do not match the product or offer being advertised once the user clicks through to the second page, a clear reference (words and/or imagery) to the offer or product must be represented on the landing page.

  • The Lightbox or Push Ad must reference the product or offer being advertised on the landing page.

  • The landing page must include Privacy Policy and Contact Us links.

    • The Privacy Policy must refer to the brand being represented on the landing page.

    • The Contact Us must be properly functioning, with at least an email address or phone number, for the user to reach out to.

  • The Creative’s disclosure must be visible and easy to read.

  • The Creative cannot use misleading tactics; including, but not limited to:

    • fake comments

    • fake social media buttons

    • fake 3rd party or celebrity endorsements

    • fake countdown clocks

    • fake “limited inventory” messaging

    • fake page functionality (links, buttons, etc.)


  • The Creative must use imagery related to the offer or product being advertised.

  • The Creative must use high-quality and properly formatted images.

  • The Creative’s imagery cannot be offensive, misleading or shocking in nature.

  • The Creative cannot promote the design of a third-party trademark that is not affiliated with the offer.

Ad Copy:

  • The Creative must present a clear message to the consumer of what the product or offer is, without making any deceptive or unsubstantiated claims.

    • If a Lightbox or Push Ad is being used as the ad unit, the landing page must also follow this messaging guideline.

  • The Creative cannot include any offensive language.

  • The Creative cannot use excessive usage of capitalization, punctation or symbols.

  • The Creative must use correct spelling and proper grammar.

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