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Prohibited Offers & Content
Prohibited Offers & Content
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In efforts to protect OddBytes' user and advertiser base, there are several offer and content categories which are not allowed to be advertised in the network. Promoting prohibited content may result in permanent account suspension.

Prohibited Offers & Content

  • Adult Content: Pornographic imagery, hook up websites or explicitly sexual imagery.

  • Anti-Virus Products: Including, but not limited to, software downloads or purchased products.

  • Auto-Play Audio: Sound or video audio that auto-plays at the time the ad is served, without user interaction being required to start.

  • Malware: Including, but not limited to, trojan horse, spyware, phishing or any computer virus.

  • Splash Page/Interstitial: The use of a splash page/interstitial before the offer landing page is prohibited for the Credit Report/Score vertical. All creatives within this vertical must use the offer's direct landing page.

  • Tech Support: Including, but not limited to, computer/printer support, products for computer clean up, driver support or remote computer support.

  • Tobacco Products: Tobacco or vape juice (e-juice).

    • Please note: This does not include smoking paraphernalia such as pipes and vape devices.

  • Visitor/Annual Surveys: Included, but not limited to, visitor, website, or annual “survey”.

    • Surveys being presented by a reputable survey company, like Survey Monkey or Opinion Outpost, or a website directly are allowed.

  • VPNs & Proxy Servers: Including, but not limited to, software downloads or purchased products that enable a user's access to a virtual private network (VPN) or proxy server.

For more information about our editorial review process and policies, pleas click here.

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