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Restricted Offers & Content
Restricted Offers & Content
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In efforts to protect OddBytes' user and advertiser base, there are several offer and content categories which can only be advertised in the network under certain restrict. The offers listed below must also comply with OddBytes' standard Editorial Policies.

If your Creative's offer and/or content is considered 'Restricted', there may be a delay in its approval turnaround time. This is due to the extra time necessary for testing or additional review.

Every Creative is reviewed on an individual basis. OddBytes reserves the right to reject any Creative at its own discretion.

Restricted Offers & Content

  • Alcohol: Alcohol offers must comply with state and federal laws.

  • CBD: Offers selling products containing CBD are allowed, as long as all products contain <.3% of THC and the concentration can be verified by the brand's lab tests.

    • Please note: If the offer or site sells vape juice or hemp flower products, it will be rejected.

  • Celebrity Endorsements: Legitimate and verifiable celebrity endorsements are allowed. Any Creative that promotes fraudulent celebrity endorsements will be rejected.

  • Cryptocurrency: Select cryptocurrency trading platforms are allowed. Offers that intend to educate consumers on how to trade cryptocurrency are also allowed.

  • Browser Extensions: Select browser extensions are allowed with pre-approval. Please reach out to your account representative for more details.

  • Gambling: All gambling offers require pre-approval by OddBytes’ legal department. The legal department may make determinations on what states a gambling offer may be promoted in.

  • Loans: Loan offers are not allowed to use Keyword or URL targeting for the word (or variations of) ‘payday.’ Cash advance offers cannot feature the term ‘payday’ on the creative.

  • Male Enhancement: Male enhancement offers may be promoted from specific companies/websites that are pre-approved by the OddBytes Editorial Team. If approved, the Creative may not use overtly sexual imagery and/or copy.

  • Political and Social Issues: Offers and/or ads that promote a clear bias in political, social or economic issues are not allowed.

  • Prescription Products and Online Pharmacies: Select prescriptions and online pharmacies are allowed with regards to local, state and federal laws.

  • Push Notifications: Push notifications are allowed, but the notifications must specifically relate to the original offer in which they are provided.

  • Sports Betting: Sports betting offers are allowed, but state restrictions may apply. It is recommended that you verify state restrictions with your offer provider.

  • Testosterone Boosters: Testosterone booster ads may not be overtly sexual in imagery and/or copy.

For more information about our editorial review process and policies, pleas click here.

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