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How To: Manage Funding Notifications
How To: Manage Funding Notifications
Written by Caitlin
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Having funds in your OddBytes account is required for your Campaigns to be able to serve. Sometimes, though, the person responsible for funding your account is not the one who receives platform notifications. Or it makes sense to have several people receiving notices to ensure the account balance does not run dry. Or you want to manage what notifications you receive to not clutter your Inbox. Whatever it may be, OddBytes has a solution - the ability to manage funding notifications by changing the frequency of notifications and adding email recipient(s) for different funding notice options!

Adding Funding Notices

  1. While logged in to your account, click on 'General Settings' under 'Settings' in the left side navigation bar.

  2. Under 'Accounts', click on the drop down button to the right of the account you wish to set notices for.

  3. Find the 'Funding Notifications' section to make your edits.

  4. In the first drop down, select the frequency to send notifications:

    1. Send all related notifications: You will receive all funding notifications.

    2. Send only when funded for less than two days: You will only receive notifications when it is estimated that the balance will be depleted in two or less days.

      1. This estimation is based on your current balance and daily run rate.

    3. Notify me when balance becomes negative: You will only receive notifications when the balance is $0.

      1. Once the balance is $0, all traffic to your Campaigns will stop until funds are added.

    4. Send only when balance is less than:: You will only receive notifications if your balance falls below a threshold you set.

      1. If this option is selected, please also set the dollar amount in the field provided.

    5. Never send funding notifications: You will never receive notifications.

  5. In the second drop down, select the recipient to receive the notifications:

    1. Company Contact Email: The email listed on the Company level will be the recipient of funding notifications.

    2. Account Contact Email: The email listed on the Account level will be the recipient of funding notifications.

    3. Custom Email: The email(s) listed will be the recipient(s) of the funding notifications.

      1. Separate multiple email addresses by using a comma (,).

      2. If the Company and/or Account email(s) should also receive notifications, in addition to emails not already provided on the Company and/or Account level(s), please list here.

  6. After all selections are made, click 'Save'.

If your account is eligible, you can opt into Auto Funding so that you no longer have to log in to your OddBytes account and manually add funds. For more information about Auto Funding, please click here.

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