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How To: Test Global Tag Tracking Events - Debug Mode
How To: Test Global Tag Tracking Events - Debug Mode
Written by Dani Nabors
Updated over a week ago


Debug mode can be applied to any global tag tracking events in order to verify that they are properly configured before you go live.

How do I use the debug mode?

To use debug mode to verify that a global tag tracking event is properly configured, just follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Navigate to the Tracking Manager page and find the Global Tag tracking event that you would like to test.

  2. Click on the status icon for the tracking event and select "Debug".

  3. In a new tab/browser window, navigate to the URL where the conversion you are testing would take place.

  4. Perform the action that is associated with the conversion so that a conversion is logged.

  5. Navigate back to the OddBytes Platform tab/browser window and refresh the Tracking Manager grid by clicking on the refresh icon below it.

  6. If the tracking event is properly configured, you will see the count of "Test Conversions" increment by 1. If the test conversion is not seen, then there may be an issue with how the tracking event is configured.

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