How To: Transfer Funds
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The Transfer Funds tool gives advertisers the ability to transfer their account balance from one account to another within the same company without the assistance of the Finance team.

Transferring Funds

  1. Open the navigation panel on the left side of the interface and select "Funding Activity" from the "Funding and Finance" section.

  2. Click on "Transfer Funds" located next to the Date Picker in the upper right corner.

  3. Within the Transfer Funds tool, complete the following: Select the account to transfer funds from Select the account to transfer funds to Enter the dollar amount to be transferred

  4. After all fields are completed, click "Transfer Funds".

  5. Click "Yes" after confirming transfer details to complete the transfer.

Please note: When transferring funds, the original account must maintain a minimum of $10 in balance. This is to ensure that active Campaigns in the account do not pause due to a zero balance.

Additional Information

For additional information and FAQs on the funding process, please click here or contact your account representative.

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