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How To: View Rejection Comments
How To: View Rejection Comments
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OddBytes requires that all new and existing Creatives be reviewed to ensure they meet our editorial policies. If a Creative does not meet at least one policy, it will be rejected and traffic will stop. When a Creative is rejected, a reason and screenshot will be provided to show what was in violation, in hopes that it can be fixed before it is resubmitted for review.

How to View Rejection Comments

There are two ways that you can view creative rejection comments while logged into your OddBytes account:

  • Rejection Comments via Creative Settings: After logging into the account, go to "Manage Creatives" and click the pencil icon next to the rejected creative. Once done, the Creative settings will appear with the rejection comment displayed at the top of the window.

  • Rejection Comments via Creative Status Icon: After logging into the account, go to "Manage Creatives" and hover your mouse over the rejection icon. Please allow a few seconds for the rejection comment to load.

For additional information regarding our editorial policies, please click here.

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